60 minutes $90

Experience dramatic results with this skin conditioning treatment designed to correct inflammation, the primary cause of premature aging. The session begins with an exfoliating treatment to sweep away dead surface cells and impurities, followed by a layer of our Plant Stem Cell Booster Serum, which is clinically proven to plump up the skin and improve radiance, suppleness and elasticity.


 60 minutes $100

Luminous skin with our Maya Brightening Facial Treatment can be your reality. Our licensed skin care professionals will analyze your skin to see why it is lacking the radiance you desire.

Maya Hydration Facial Treatment

60 minutes $90

When your skin is weakened and dry, our Maya Hydration Facial Treatment works wonderfully on rough, dehydrated skin on your face, neck, and chest. This hydrating facial treatment is designed to target and restore hydration to your skin with aloe vera, mint leaf flavonoids, and allatoin working in synergy to comfort your weakened skin. It is also infused with brown algae extracts to encourage a rise in your skin's hydration level.

Maya clarifying facial treatment

60 minutes $95

The Maya Clarifying Facial Treatment can be customized for patients with blemish-prone skin to reduce surface oils. This facial is suited for men and women (teens or adults) with acne prone skin.